We would like to thank everyone who helped us with this project. There are so many of you that we’re sure to miss someone, and if we do, we apologize profusely.

First, a huge thank you to our betas: Julia, Hope, Isabel, Juliane, Lane, Gwin, Makila, Rachel, and Zainab. Your insightful comments helped us make this webseries better. Any remaining faults are ours, and ours alone. Special thanks to Rae, who began as beta, and then offered to help us with advertising and PR.

Thank you to our teenage consultants, Sir King, Scarlet, and Sky. You are amazing, and we could not have done this project without you.

Thank you to Jude, our continuity editor, who helped us wrangle into submission and sense a story that grew so far beyond what we initially envisioned.

Anne would like to thank Katie, for listening to her rant about plot holes and writers block for three months when we were first writing. She would also like to thank her parents, for providing love and support, and occasionally a place to stay.

Cassie would like to thank Maggie, who did the same thing for her that Katie did for Anne, just on the other end of things. She also has to give a huge thank you to her husband, Chase, for being the amazing, supportive partner that he is. For sitting up through 3am plot-hole-induced insomnias, for brainstorming solutions to problems you had only the barest knowledge of, for accepting that you married a writer who will often take on the stress of fictional characters in addition to her own, you are the [ship half redacted] to my [ship half redacted] and I love you more than I can say.

And to everyone who has had part or all of this story thrown at them in some capacity in the last two years and responded with enthusiasm, thank you. If you hadn’t shown an interest, we wouldn’t have tried this. We owe you one.