Prose Scene 38

Once Zoe is up in the tree, she thinks, This is probably a bad idea. Because it probably is. There are so many ways this could go wrong. If he sees her as he approaches, this all falls apart. Gabe may have spent the day keeping her calm by asking her to come up with[…]

Prose Scene 37

Zoe has never felt weak-kneed relief quite like she does that Monday morning, when Alex sends her the message telling her that he’s fine and he’s been released. She gets the tweet at lunch, after obsessively checking her phone all morning any time she thinks she can get away with it. She’s so relieved that[…]

Prose Scene 33

Out in the main mall, there’s an altercation. This isn’t unprecedented; there have been six or seven since Zoe started working here. But from the start, something about this one is different. At first, all she can hear is yelling. She can’t even make out the words, but for some reason, they strike panic into[…]